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Incorporating all previous runs, StrideMASTER Speed Maps positions horses in the race based on recent racing patterns. Generated by the settling position of each horse, StrideMASTER Speed Maps gauge a horse’s racing pattern and positions them in one of three categories: FORWARD, MIDDLE or BACK. The inclusion of additional runs collected from StrideMASTER reduced variables and allows the system to determine the horse’s position in the run as well as predicting the race tempo based on the number of horses in each category. And the more data StrideMASTER collects, the more accurate it becomes. Increased accuracy of the field also allows for the running of a justified tempo, providing a clearer reflection of how the race will unfold.

Devonport 30 April StrideMASTER Speed Maps

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Identifying eye catching runs from a race can be difficult, but StrideMASTER Fast Finishers finds them.  The StrideMASTER Fast Finishers report identifies horses that have run the fastest, second fastest or third fastest closing 600m sectionals at their last start to highlight them for their next run. Additionally, StrideMASTER Fast Finishers incorporates a quick analysis from the race field’s last run. Each horse’s start in the previous 21 days including the venue, track rating, margin, race class, race distance, race time, final 600m and finishing position are included in a runner by runner format to give a quick analysis of the field.

Devonport 30 April StrideMASTER Fast Finishers

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