Welcome to Tasracing

Tasracing is the corporate entity which governs the racing industry in Tasmania. Tasracing provides the strategic direction and funding required to produce quality racing products that meet customer demands in a globally competitive industry.

Tasracing is responsible for the development of racing and breeding, the funding of clubs as well as providing stakes, media rights and managing racing venues. Tasracing provides a commercially viable future of racing in Tasmania by offering the highest quality data on racing form, track conditions and premium racing events and carnivals. By adopting the latest technology in racing infrastructure, visual content and product data, Tasmania will develop a global reputation of racing excellence.

Corporate Plan

Tasracing was established by a special Act of Parliament in November 2008 to assist the industry in planning and promoting Tasmanian racing to new and developing markets. Ultimately, this will assist the industry to be financially sustainable and viable protecting the future of everyone involved.

Download the Corporate Plan to read more by clicking here.